The studio is open for appointments from 8am - 8pm daily, including weekends. If you realize you may need more studio time, you can e-mail hello@zwartwit.agency to make changes and add additional time to your reservation. Additional hours are billed at €40 an hour. You may add more time during your appointment if there is nobody booked right after you.

props +

One moving backdrop walls, 240 cm wide x 240 cm tall.

One side always white, one side plywood. 

One set of C-stands -  black.

Clamps, hangers, garment rack, full-length mirror.

Assorted stools, one white table top, one set of table legs (white).


Black production cart on wheels


Elektric cables

Assorted paper rolls. (white, black, grey and light brown)
(See our Instagram stories for details on inventory).

We don't provide flash or light equipment

studio tours

Appointments may be scheduled as little as 12 hours in advance, therefore we cannot offer specific studio tours or guarantee the studio will be visible for a walk-by. You can mail us and we will let you know if there’s any available time to go in for a few minutes. See our Instagram story highlights for a virtual tour.


WiFi Network (via qr code)
Bathroom (no shower) and kitchenette (microwave and fridge) available

organization +


Setting up and breaking down what is needed for your shoot must be accounted for in the amount of time you reserve. Please book more than your “shoot time” to make sure you are in and out on-time. For clean-up, please refer to the reference photos in the studio for how the studio should look when you leave. Please take out what you bring in - including hangers, boxes, props, florals, etc.

If there is an appointment directly after you, we will let you know.
If there is not, we will also let you know so you can add more time during your session if needed (€40 per additional hour).

Fees for organization & clean-up (if you don't want to clean up yourself)
Cleaning fee: €50
Prop organization fee: €25

refunds +


No refunds are given for cancellation. We can offer a transfer of your appointment to someone else, or reschedule your appointment for another date for a fee of €50. Cancellation or reschedule must be made at least 1 week prior to appointment.

no smoking

It’s unfortunate that we even have to mention it here, but there is absolutely non allowed under any circumstances.
If we do see/smell/find that you have smoked in the studio, there will be a €100 fine.


Free parking is available in front of the studio building.

floor plan

The studio space is 6,40 m long, 4,20 m wide and 3,20 m high.



2hrs   -  € 105 

4hrs   -  € 175

6hrs   -  € 235

8hrs   -  € 285

10hrs  -  € 345

12hrs  -  € 425

If there is an appointment directly after you, we will let you know. If there is not,
we will also let you know so you can add more time during your session if needed (€40 per additional hour).

book the studio hello@zwartwit.agency